A standard turnkey house is built in 90 days

The speed of erection is one of the main advantages of a steel-frame house. The Ecostandart company erects a fully completed standard house in 90 days at any time of the year. And the payment is divided into several stages - as the construction of the future house progresses.


Stage one: flight of fantasy
At this stage, an architect develops the project together with the client. Then it is adapted for the steel-frame method of construction and approved by local architect authority. At this stage, the advance payment (10% of total cost of the project) is paid.


Stage two: foundation and installation
The second stage takes from 15 to 20 days. At the manufacturer's factory a steel frame for your project is made, and at the same time the foundation of the future house is being built. Another 3-4 days will be spent on assembling of a steel structure itself. The payment for this phase will be 50% of total cost of the project.


Stage three: construction
At the third stage, the house itself is assembled on the finished steel frame. This includes the assembly of roofing and wall sandwich panels, roofing, installation of wiring and water pipes. Payment for this stage will be 30% of total cost of the project.


Stage four: finishing
This is the final stage, which begins with the exterior decoration of the house and ends with the basic interior decoration - installation of lining or plasterboard, plastering, puttying and painting the walls, as well as additional finishing by customer's request (like installing doors or parquet). At this stage, payment is made in the amount of the last 10% of the project cost.

Total duration of the construction of a turnkey steel-frame house with 100 square meters of internal space and with a basic interior finishing does not exceed 90 days.

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