Advantages of frame houses

Steel-frame houses are built using the structures of thin, light and strong steel with the use of environmentally friendly insulation. Modern steel-frame manufacturing technologies allow such houses to provide the same level of reliability and durability as in buildings made of brick and concrete. At the same time, steel-frame houses have a number of advantages.

Environmental standards

Steel-frame houses are insulated with environmentally friendly materials, such as mineral wool or compressed straw. During interior works in such houses are often used wooden lining, plasterboards or oriented strand boards, which contain up to 90% of wood. They are used for covering floors, roofing and wall covering. All these materials are environmentally friendly, they do not contribute to allergies and respiratory disorders.


"Breathable" house

Steel-frame houses are erected using a vapor-permeable plating and a natural insulation (mineral wool or compressed straw). This allows to achieve the effect of a "breathable house". The vapor-permeable walls allow to remove excess moisture from rooms without ventilation and heat loss. This means that there will be no fungus and mold in the steel-frame house, and the internal climate will be as comfortable as it is achievable.


Energy saving

Steel-frame houses have the best level of heat loss in their category (0.4). During cold season a steel-frame house warms up much more quickly to the comfortable temperature, thanks to efficient thermal protection and low heat capacity of walls. This means saving on heating when it’s colder outside and reducing the use of air conditioning in summer.


Durability and reliability

Steel-frame house is one of the most resistant to earthquakes and ground displacements due to the lightness of its construction. It does not require the massive foundation - a strip footing, bored or screw piles is usually enough. A steel-frame house is so light - usually it weighs less than 20 tonnes - that it can be lifted by a jack to repair the foundation.

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