Construction of eco-friendly frame houses

Steel framing has its advantages both in comparison with wooden framing and concrete structures: it’s thin and light but at the same time high-strength. Houses made with steel framing are erected faster. Building technologies do not require welding and additional profile leveling, and do not pollute the environment with cement dust and other by-products of traditional construction.

It should also be noted, steel-frame houses can provide a high degree of energy efficiency. This means saving on heating in winter and reduced use of air conditioners during warm season. When it’s cold outside, the steel-frame house warms up to the comfortable temperature much more quickly - thanks to the efficient thermal protection and low heat capacity of the walls.

Preparation of parts of steel framing

All parts of the steel frame for your house are manufactured and cut at the factory. The manufacturer also partially assembles them according to the project to increase the speed of erection and to ensure the quality of the frame of the future house.

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Assembling and finishing the house at the site

The process of assembling a steel frame and erecting a house from a foundation is shown. The process includes the assembly of roof and wall sandwich panels, roofing, installation of electrical wiring and water supply, internal and external finishing of the house.

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Steel-frame houses "breathe" - they are equipped with a modern ventilation system, drain excess moisture through the walls outwards, and thus avoid the appearance of fungus and mold. Houses made with steel framing are also much more resistant to earthquakes than buildings with heavy concrete floors. The speed of erecting of the steel-frame house is impressive - the whole construction of a cottage with ​​100 square meters of internal space does not exceed 90 days. The Ecostandart steel-frame houses can be equipped with a heating and hot water preparation system. They allow the use of any electrical appliances, both built-in and autonomous. The advantages of the Ecostandart steel framing are complemented by interior decoration of the premises. There are no "wet" processes. Surfaces that do not need to be further leveled simplify finishing of the house.

We prefer environmentally friendly materials that prevent allergies and respiratory disorders. This implies the use of pine, alder, oak, lime and other types of wood lining as a material for wall finishing, which also creates a feeling of comfort and helps to keep a house warm. We use natural high-strength and eco-friendly parquet, as well as solid wood doors. When covering floors, crating roofs and for wall sheathing we use oriented strand boards. They contain up to 90% of wood, but more durable and elastic than standard wood of different types. A steel-frame house is a speed of erection, lightness, strength, ecological friendliness and energy saving.

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