Thermal insulation and waterproofing

Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam (PPU) and polyurethane waterproofing are the best solutions for insulation and repair of foundation, roofs and walls of buildings

Insulation with polyurethane foam (PPU)

BASF Elastospray polyurethane foam is applied to prepared foundation. Sprayed polyurethane foam insulation has the lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity compared to traditional heat-insulating materials. In the process of spraying BASF Elastospray polyurethane foam insulation, the liquid material completely covers the surface. When it’s set, it will form seamless insulation.

The video contains examples of waterproofing and thermal insulation of various structures. Pay attention to the speed and efficiency of coating of any shapes with uniform layer of elastomer with filling of irregularities and cracks on the surface, which allows to achieve the maximum level of insulation.

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Polyurea waterproofing

To date, the most effective solution for waterproofing is polyurea. It’s the unique elastomer, similar in composition to polyurethane, but differing in a number of important physical and chemical properties. No other kind of waterproofing materials can compare with the sprayed polyurea in quality, which today and in the near future will remain the market leader. Polyurea is produced synthetically, and the reaction is based on two components: isocyanate prepolymers and polyetheramines. As a result, it is possible to get a unique composition that is easily applied to any surface and has a number of important physico-chemical properties, among which:

Simplicity and speed of application

Application of polyurea is carried out by spraying with a special device. Hardening of the composition takes place within a few seconds. That is, the treated surfaces can be put into operation on the day of application.


Physical and mechanical properties

The coating is resistant to mechanical wear. It is characterized by sufficient elasticity to withstand without negative consequences the thermal expansion and shrinking of the coated surface.


Chemical properties

Polyurea waterproofing is particularly good in that the composition is resistant to aggressive chemicals. This explains the widespread use of polyurea in industrial conditions.



Due to its basic properties, polyurea as a waterproofing is characterized by a long operating life without loss of efficiency.

A set of unique properties makes polyureas waterproofing capabilities very versatile. Below are some of the most popular applications for this coating:

Waterproofing of roofs

Polyurea is able to withstand multiple abrasive wear and mechanical loads, temperature changes and UV radiation. This makes it a natural choice for roof repair.

Foundation waterproofing

Waterproofing the foundation with traditional methods cannot always guarantee quality and durability, unlike spraying polyurea with a homogeneous layer over the entire area of foundation. The material penetrates into all microcracks and fills them.

Waterproofing of tanks and pipes

Waterproofing of tanks, silos, cisterns and pipes with polyurea insulation can serve without loss of its properties for decades.

Waterproofing of metal structures

Polyurea coating creates a protective monolithic layer, which isolates from moisture even after 20 years, and therefore completely prevents corrosion of the structure.

Waterproofing of tanks

The polyurea waterproofing layer does not emit harmful substances either during heating or cooling. Its durability is confirmed by sanitary certificates.

Waterproofing of ships and its parts

Polyurea creates a durable seamless coating, resistant even to strong mechanical shocks. With this coating, the side of the boat, yacht or motorboat will remain unscathed after contact with stones, gravel, sand and ground.

The Ecostandart specialists are engaged in the professional application of polyurea waterproofing on any sites, regardless of their size and purpose, including high-altitude work by our industrial climbers. For more information, please contact our representative.