Exterior finishing

Painting and façade cladding with socle siding, wooden or vinyl panels as well as clinker tiles.

Façade painting

Exterior painting by the team of experienced industrial climbers is the best solution for refreshing an appearance of a house or completing construction of a new building.

Socle siding

This material is made of polymers and imitates natural materials, such as natural stone or facing bricks. Façade panels are resistant to precipitation and sudden temperature changes. The socle siding is ideal for ventilated façades and provides excellent thermal insulation.

Wooden panels

Ecological, warm and natural material for façade cladding.

Clinker façade tiles

Clinker tiles allow to lay out mosaic compositions, have frost-resistant and antifungal properties as well as anti-slip effect.

For detailed information on exterior decoration of premises, please contact our representative.