Advantages of frame houses

Steel-frame houses are built using the structures of thin, light and strong steel with the use of environmentally friendly insulation. Modern steel-frame manufacturing technologies allow such houses to provide the same level of reliability and durability as in buildings made of brick and concrete. At the same time, steel-frame houses have a number of advantages...


The Ecostandart is building steel-frame houses in the whole of the European Union. We have all the necessary licenses and experience with both private and corporate customers in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and other EU countries. We build either private houses and spacious industrial buildings.

Since steel-frame buildings have the same level of durability as houses made of bricks and concrete, our European customers are opting for the speed of erection and relatively low cost of construction. One of the advantages that our customers highly appreciate is that steel-frame houses allow a wide variety of architectural forms. In the same time, it does not affect reliability of the structure because of its low weight. In addition, these houses do not require the construction of a massive foundation, which reduces the load on the environment and increase the speed of construction.

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